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Accomplished Journalist, Minerva Perez

The owner of Minerva Perez Media in Sugar Land, Texas, is also the author of "I Gotta Story" My 30 Years in TV News. This book is her autobiographical look at the 30-year career of award-winning broadcast journalist, Minerva Perez in the TV news industry. It's a compilation of personal stories that surround many of the big stories that she covered during that time. Beginning with her start as a greenhorn reporter in Texas' Rio Grande Valley to her broadcasting career in one of the biggest TV markets in the country. Perez weaves her personal accounts of what she experienced while covering some of the major stories of the day, including:

• Pope John Paul II's Visit to Los Angeles
• The Death of Selena, the Queen of Tejano Music
• The Northridge Earthquake
• Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
• The Siege in Waco, Texas
• Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba
• The Guadalajara Gas Explosion

Minerva Perez At San Antonio Plane Crash Circa 1983

Young Minerva Perez

Behind the Scenes of Broadcast Journalism

She speaks candidly about being out in the trenches as a reporter and at the anchor desk during these breaking stories. Her perspective on many intriguing news figures, ordinary people, and historic events spell out a long journey that was at times bumpy, crude, comical, and entertaining. "I Gotta Story" speaks to the upcoming generation of reporters and journalists about what to expect from a career in this field, as well as to anyone that's interested in what actually goes on behind the scenes during news broadcasting.

Minerva Perez With Geraldo Rivera, Minerva Perez and Team Reporting In Cuba, Minerva Perez and Bill Young At Chiapas, Mexico.